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Tip the scales with the new VK38+ catalyst

Selecting the right catalysts for a SO2 converter has always been about balancing expenses and gains. VK38+ helps create that balance - and more.

  • Increase production or reduce emissions without new equipment or expensive premium catalysts
  • Reduce long-term spending on catalysts and get a payback time of only a few months
  • Utilize it in all beds to lower energy consumption, increase catalyst lifetime, and more

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Get an introduction to VK38+:

“After installing VK38+ in bed 2 the temperature increase is higher than ever. Together with a top up of bed 1, the VK38+ has increased conversion to a point where there's hardly any SO left for beds 3-5 to convert.”
Process Engineer, Kemira Kemi AB
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VK38+ benefits

emissions reduction compared to existing VK38/48 loading
lowering of catalyst waste and raw materials use
reduction of long-term spending on catalysts

What tipping the scales means for your business

Sulfuric acid plants are faced with the ultimate balancing act; how to comply with local regulations while maintaining productivity and limiting costs?
Decreasing capacity and rebuilding existing plants are two options for staying compliant, but these are costly and ineffective solutions. With V38+, it’s a different story.

Sustainable, powerful, cost-effective

With this groundbreaking new catalyst, you can reduce emissions and increase production without making costly investments.

Depending on how you choose to utilize them, VK38+ catalysts can decrease pressure drop, boost production, decrease energy consumption, increase catalyst lifetime by up to 80%, and/or lower emissions. No matter your strategy, you will get better performance using fewer catalysts.

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Leverage the industry’s largest range of catalysts

In the 1980s, sulfuric acid catalysts were widely considered fully developed. Ever since, we have kept on developing them.

Today, we offer the industry’s largest range, including dust-protection, cesium-promoted, and LEAP5™ options. This means that we can help you find the precise loading strategy that meets your needs at the lowest cost possible.




Learn more about VK38+

V38+ is the highest performing potassium-promoted catalyst on the market. To learn more about how it can help you tip the scales, download our brochure and whitepaper.
Here, you can learn how VK38+ can help you increase capacity by 5-35%, depending on your setup and conditions.

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Let our team help you tip the scales

When it comes to sulfuric acid conversion, no two operations are exactly alike.
Small variations in setup, business needs, market demands, and local legal requirements add up to big differences.

With Topsoe, you get the field’s leading solution provider and a team that takes a uniquely holistic approach to your plant and your business. We help you to secure compliance while supporting your output and profits.

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