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The Topsoe Catalysis Forum was created as a framework for an open exchange of views on catalysis in the fields of interest to Topsoe.

The forum is conceived as a platform for discussions of new reactions and new principles of catalysis in an attempt to jointly look beyond the horizon. The Forum is held on a non-confidential basis to facilitate an open debate and to enable all participants to make use of the information received during the meetings in their future work. The Topsoe Catalysis Forum works through individual contacts and annual meetings focusing on a single topic.

The topic of the 15th Topsoe Catalysis Forum was: POWER-TO-X.
Substantial reductions in global greenhouse gas emissions are needed to limit the global temperature increase to 2°C in this century. In this respect, it is positive progress that production of electricity by wind turbines and solar panels has advanced massively over recent decades, and also that the price of renewable power is competitive with that of power based on fossil fuels. Unfortunately, not all processes required by modern society can run directly on electricity. These hard-to-abate sectors are long-distance transport and many industrial processes. Therefore, processes to convert electricity to fuels and chemicals must be developed and matured, Power-to-X covers all these processes. Topsoe is determined to lead the way in Power-to-X because Topsoe is one of very few companies that possesses both the expertise and the technologies needed in this field.

Therefore, the topic of the 2022 Topsoe Catalysis Forum was Power-to-X, and important aspects of this topic was covered in depth:

  • Why is Power-to-X a good solution?
  • What are the requirements of the sectors that rely on Power-to-X to lower their carbon footprint?
  • What is the status and prospects of the different electrolysis technologies?
  • Where will we get the carbon from for carbon-based fuels and chemicals?

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