Squeeze more value out of your FCC gasoline

With Topsoe's HyOctane™ catalysts for ultra-low sulfur, high octane gasoline

FCC gasoline post-treatment

Topsoe's HyOctane™ catalysts

Do you ever wonder why there is so little competition in the FCC gasoline post-treatment catalyst market? Well, we did, and now there’s a better choice.

Thanks to Topsoe’s series of HyOctane™ catalysts, you can now squeeze more sulfur and greater margins out of your FCC gasoline post-treatment unit.

The optimized activity and selectivity of the HyOctane™ catalysts provide ultra-low levels of sulfur – while keeping octane numbers high. 

Independent testing shows that HyOctane™ catalysts deliver higher hydrodesulfurization (HDS) activity and lower octane losses than competitive catalysts on the market today. Also, the catalysts have already proven their performance in a number of industrial units. HyOctane™ catalysts are in operation in several Prime-G+® units and SCANFining™ units producing Ultra Low Sulfur Gasoline (<10 wt ppm). The feedback from the industry is very positive and refiners are selecting HyOctane™ catalysts for second cycles after their first experience.

You will find a HyOctane™ catalyst for your selective hydrogenation unit (SHU) reactor, your main bed HDS reactor and your final mercaptan polishing reactor.

The catalysts in the HyOctane series are TK-703 HyOctane™, TK-710 HyOctane™, and TK-747 HyOctane™.

HyOctane™ advantages:

  • Superior activity for sulfur removal
  • Low octane loss
  • Stable operation allowing for longer cycle lengths
  • More than 99.9 wt% naphtha yield
  • Higher margins from your unit

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Squeeze more value out of your FCC gasoline

As sulfur legislations tighten, it becomes more difficult for refiners to meet the specifications from their FCC gasoline post-treatment units. Particularly the octane number poses challenges, since some olefins are simultaneously being hydrogenated. The consequent loss of octane often prevents the refineries from achieving maximum value. 

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  • What are HyOctane™ catalysts?
  • Can I use HyOctane™ catalysts in my unit?
  • Can I make a product with 10 wt ppm sulfur in my unit when using HyOctane™ catalysts?
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