Answering the low-carbon call with blue technology

With governments across the globe accelerating their decarbonization efforts, and offering lucrative incentives for producers to follow suit, the time has come to begin adopting solutions for meaningful reductions in carbon intensity.

While the global renewable electricity infrastructure is developing and scaling up, “blue” technologies by Topsoe are already being deployed at large scale. Our ultra low carbon intensity “blue” technologies reduce carbon emissions to near zero, thereby enabling the world to move quicker towards net zero.

SynCOR™ Blue Hydrogen

With carbon-capture efficiency of 95-99%, our industry-proven SynCOR™ autothermal reforming technology is the ideal world-scale solution for producing low-carbon hydrogen with the lowest levelized cost.
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eSMR Blue Hydrogen

The electrified evolution of the world’s most common hydrogen-production method, eSMR transforms a CO2-intensive challenge into a future-ready opportunity.
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Download "The best of blue hydrogen" using the link below, and learn more from some of our experts about the most effective solutions for minimizing carbon intensity in hydrogen production.

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Yassir Ghiyati

Yassir Ghiyati